Worldbuilding Collection I

— Our most recent worldbuilding tools catalogue, developed between Sweden and California in 2023.

Concerned with the question 'How does Worldbuilding fit in a process of adaptation?’ we looked into the worldbuilding that happens in our futuremaking.

Worldbuilding is a stage in our process that allows futures to be explored. We make worlds so our clients feel what it’s like to live in and affect those worlds– to feel agency.

What if the process of adaptation was pleasurable?
What if by stepping into a future world we felt good about where things are going?

Like open-heart surgery, making futures is invasive, yet our clients work from the assumption that their organization is going to make it.

These are our most recent worldbuilding tools, developed between Sweden and California this year for organizations envisioning how to move forward.

Clicking on the tools’ names will take you to their dedicated broadcast in The Time Travel Transmissions, as we decided to spill the behind-the-scenes of each.

SPECULATIVE WIKI, a tool revolving around the exploration of hyperlinked text and fabulous stories about the organizations of our travelers.
NARRATIVE SHAPE, a cherished worldbuilding tool that defies linearity and eschews traditional hero-centric narratives.
ANTENNA, an interdimensional postal service provided by The Time Travel Agency that explores the uniqueness of writing a postcard.

AGENDAS, miniature time travel machines that allow intimate glimpses into the past or future.
THE PLAY, a one-use, disappearing tool, akin to a fortune from Zoltar or a dissolvable tablet.
CINEMATIC UNIVERSEa map, a summary; the elements within a new and vast narrative landscape.