We help people build optimistic futures. 

The Time Travel Agency operates under the cover of a speculative design and innovation studio in the Nordics, the Americas, and online. 

Our studio is a response to hopelessness about the future. We aim to reach futures in which people possess agency and feel happy to be alive.
For organizations that need to survive, we help them to adapt.

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The Time Travel Transmissions

The Writer’s Game

A handy tool for scenario design

The Writer's Game is a story-making game–tool that produces "layered stories" for the scenario phase of the speculative design process. 

During time travels, TWG supports folks so they enter a metaphorical and divergent storyspace with original storylines before getting to their relevant scenarios.

A relevant scenario is a scenario that pertains to why travelers want to travel; it’s the topic that interests a client, an industry. It is a piece of knowledge, something we already know. TWG takes everyone one step back to enter storyspace from a different angle– an angle of symbols and questions with a touch of randomness.

The stories that have been created during time travels will be printed and collected with non-regular frequency in new issues of The Writer's Game. Each issue will contain a different board to explore, and a different list of words for each room.

If you want to use TWG, one issue of its digital version will only cost you a story.
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