We help people build optimistic futures.

The Time Travel Agency operates under the cover of a speculative design and innovation studio in the Nordics, the Americas, and online.

We create products, experimental methods, worlds, and participatory experiences that help our clients reach their futures so they can experience what it feels like to affect them. Our practice is based around the principle of reaching futures in which people possess agency and feel happy to be alive.

Our specialization is in combining immersive experiments, transformational game design, world-building, prototyping, and emergent tech like AI and tooling from Web3.
We work in the private sector, and with cultural organizations, governments, and schools; together we apply research, design artifacts and strategy with the aim of growth; run prototyping environments; and build immersive spaces where to face future challenges and build solutions together.

People travel with us because feeling agency is a beautiful, decisive, irreversible world.

We offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll invent a future or we give you your time back.

If you made it this far, we will love to hear from you.