We help people build optimistic futures. 

The Time Travel Agency operates under the cover of a speculative design and innovation studio in the Nordics, the Americas, and online. 

Our studio is a response to hopelessness about the future. We aim to reach futures in which people possess agency and feel happy to be alive.
For organizations that need to survive, we help them to adapt.

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Founded in 2019, The Time Travel Agency operates with a team of agents around the world. We are a woman-owned, minority-owned small enterprise.

Our productions run in The United States, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Canada, Spain, the UK, Cuba, Colombia, and Webs 2-4.
We are members of the Remake Learning Network, the European AI Alliance, the EU Enterprise Europe Network,  Foresight Europe Network, and the Pittsburgh Creative Corps.

Jocelyn Ibarra, NORDICS/US/MX

Joss is the founder, showrunner, and design lead of The Time Travel Agency.

She is a Mexican and American artist and designer interested in sociotechnical artifacts, distributed technologies, interactive fiction, and narrative design.

Her curiosity on what invention brings to humans and to nature led her to start a design studio in Chicago, a consulting practice in Barcelona and Paris, a prototyping studio in the Nordics, and, currently, a futures laboratory in Pittsburgh.

She has 15 years of experience in the development of co-creative methods, multistakeholder governance, game design, and lean and innovation processes within the creative, coworking, gaming, and software industries.

Joss is a member of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, and a cat shelter ally.


Ane Abarrategi, SP

Ane is an architect, co-founder of TIPI, a multidisciplinary design cooperative in the Basque Country where she researches and facilitates new participatory methods.

She has been named in Forbes as one of the Top 40 Futurists in Spain.

LinkedIn, TIPI

Denis Rivin, DK

Denis is a futurist, art historian, optimist, and firm believer in humanity’s ability to reinvent itself.

Denis is a communicator of human progress, associate partner in DareDisrupt, and author of the world’s first kids book on the subject of technological unemployment.


Matthew Talbert PhD, SWE/US

Matt is a philosopher working in ethics, moral psychology, and philosophy of agency.

His research focuses on free will and moral responsibility. He is interested in artificial intelligence and the degree in which AI can be autonomous, conscious, or free.

Lund University, PhilPeople

Megan Daalder, NYC

Megan is a video editor, performer, and educator, and a founding member of Future Scouts. Her preferred future is one in which compassion is logical and collaborative creativity is the mother of invention.

Her work has been exhibited in NYC, LA, Paris, Poland, Kyoto, Marfa TX, the Berkley Museum of Art, The Rotterdam International Film Festival, and the Guggenheim Gallery.

Primordial Futures

Sofia Ivarsson, DK

Sofia is an artist and lighting designer fascinated by the future and how we together produce, shape and take responsibility for it.

She is a graduate from Kolding School of Design and has experience from theatre productions and curation of light art festivals to the development of large scale art installations.

LinkedIn, NOGA

Jenn Leung, HK/UK

Jenn is a 3D artist and interaction designer. She is a  researcher in the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

Jenn spends most of her time hermitting with two laptops and  organizing offsite exhibitions with different underground art networks like corpsesimulacrum.

@jennnital, Site, Vimeo

Johanne Ib, DK

Johanne is a concept, food and graphic designer who works with immersive investigations of food, and its potential to create and shape social spaces and bonds between people.

Johanne is a graduate from Kolding School of Design’s program Design for People.


Bianca Li Channer, CAN/US

Bianca is a multi-disciplinary designer and strategist working at the intersections of music, brand, venture and social equity.

Powered by a dedication of co-designing spaces, products and systems that empower vulnerable communities to design their own futures — her work has been recognized by girlboss, ELLE Canada, CBC and Toronto Star.

Vicky González & VVORKROOM, SP/MX

VVORKROOM is an award-winning creative studio based in Barcelona & Mexico City, specialized in branding and strategy with a distinctly human approach, and our partners for the branding and visual identity of futures.

Vicky is its founder and Creative Director.

VVORKROOM onlineInstagram

Noelle Perdue, CAN/US

Noelle is a writer, artist, and Internet porn historian. She is our worldbuilding and scenario design consultant. Her work exploring the blurry borders of obscenity can be found on Wired, Washington Post, Netflix, Pornhub, Slate, and Brazzers.

From moderation to AI, she believes that understanding the uncomfortable, intimate and even (or especially) the sordid aspects of our digital history is necessary to influence our collective future.

Noelle Perdue online, Instagram, TikTok

Jerrold McGrath, CAN

Jerry is a creative producer and currently the program lead for Goethe-Institut Toronto's Algorithmic Culture series. 

His practice focuses on how we are organized by the world and how we might introduce a bit of disorder so that new things can happen. He is a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader and a former Program Director at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. He currently leads UKAI Projects in Canada.

LinkedIn, UKAI

Mida Fiore, IT

Mida is an artist and a designer who works on creating narrations through artifacts and installation. She is a design researcher for Politecnico di Milano.

Mida is interested in designing narrative experiences that can enhance ideas and imagination Her experience ranges from contemporary art exhibitions and editorial projects to participatory theater.

Fermacampione, LinkedIn

Clara Llongarriu Masip, SP

Clara is an innovation facilitator with the mission of contributing every day to more just, coherent, and consistent ecosystems.

Clara believes that through art and design we can create experiential and interactive lapses of time and space that lead to reflection and mindful action. She is a co-designer of our storyworld.