We help people build optimistic futures. 

The Time Travel Agency operates under the cover of a speculative design and innovation studio in the Nordics, the Americas, and online. 

Our studio is a response to hopelessness about the future. We aim to reach futures in which people possess agency and feel happy to be alive.
For organizations that need to survive, we help them to adapt.

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Speculative Day of the Dead

A first time travel to the past! (2021 to 3300 BC)

Disas Ting is a rectangular stone setting in Svarte, Sweden. Sometimes this site is referred to as Disa’s “thing”– the thing being the ceremonies that Disa conducted.

Due to the mysticism of the story, we chose Disa’s everyday as a space for the village to explore.

The Mexican tradition Día de los Muertos is a special time– a portal lasting a few days when the dead are welcomed and remembered; a celebration where people become Stories.

For this exercise, the entire village was invited to speculate on a past story instead of a future one– to imagine Disa’s everyday in order to welcome and perhaps remember her from now on.

Details of the artifacts

Disa’s journal with “who’s been doing what”; her best friend (“those bones don’t mean it’s dead, just that her best friend was a ‘bones cat’”); her portrait (which was taken with “magic technology that allowed photos of that time but only of their inventor”); and her “seeing instrument” (“so that she sees the truth and can rule accordingly”).

By making together her favorite snack (also imagined; resulting in a sort of s’mores), Disa was invited to join us for Day of the Dead.