We help people build optimistic futures. 

The Time Travel Agency operates under the cover of a speculative design and innovation studio in the Nordics, the Americas, and online. 

Our studio is a response to hopelessness about the future. We aim to reach futures in which people possess agency and feel happy to be alive.
For organizations that need to survive, we help them to adapt.

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The Algorithm of Donated Dreams

A living algorithm made of donated dreams

Based in a future where people donated dreams to algorithms with the purpose of adding attributes to their societies.

The DAOstack team is an international blockchain-based team exploring decentralized collective intelligence. Our response to their quest for internal ideas to fund was a 5-minute (exact) experience delivered to team members separately.

By invoking optimistic ideas, members rapid-prototyped realities they could start developing in their respective DAO projects.

The dream donations were ultimately encoded in an algorithm that exists thanks to The Trope Tank at MIT, especially to the generosity of guidance from Judy Heflin, Angela Chang, and Nick Montfort.

The algorithm is live on Taper, an online literary magazine for small computational pieces published by Bad Quarto. You can visit it and experience it by clicking here.

Just in case, here is a screen recording:

The Algorithm of Donated Dreams has been published in several media: on Taper (2020), Backslash Lit issue #1 (2020); and on the world’s first decentralized art exhibit “INTERFACE” in Osaka, Japan (2019).

The process followed to get to the dream donations can be seen here: