ANTENNA, 2060 to 2021

— An artifact from The City of Remote Work

After Spring 2020 caught us unable to work in person, our peers all over the world inspired us to develop a study on the culture and
future of remote work. The result is a city in 2060 with spaces for leisure, learning, commuting,  inspiration, fun, and consulting laws.

ANTENNA is the project’s speculative artifact– an interdimensional postal service from the future whose first delivery is 35 postcards from The City of Remote Work. The postcards were created in real time by travelers during a guided tour, and are available to send to friends and family so they too come explore the city.

ANTENNA’s deck of postcards can be downloaded in a PDF by sending us an email to toc at thetimetravel dot agency or via Instagram. Each card is ready to be edited to send anyone anywhere. Happy writing!

We would like to thank all the travelers contributing to this investigation so far:

Gokul Nair, Clara Llongarriu, Natalia Santolaria, Marcus Bader, Viktor Lysell Smålänning, Rebecka Nilsson, Jenn Leung, Denise Thwaites, Thomas Romlöv, Staffan, Åsa Ohlsson, Mary Toreld, Albert Cañigueral.

The City of Remote Work can be visited in Miro anytime without the need of a time travel agent: