We guide ourselves with a few lines that explain our artistic philosophy, and our innovation and design approach:

A time travel is the smallest unit of an optimistic situation.

We use found and everyday objects, scientific papers, observations, and games, to create artifacts, prototypes, and other objects.

Speculative design as “pre-design”.

Our future works are not predictions. We are interested in any future that could be.

We don’t predict so that we don’t feel bad from expectation; we create so that we feel good from imagination.

Our interventions, discoveries, and artifacts are simple. The prototypes are easy, the texts are short, and the performances are brief.

Our further stages are focused in actions in “the world out there”.

We concentrate on flexibility as a method to achieve authenticity and vulnerability.

100% guarantee that you’ll invent a future or we give you your time back!

To some, The Time Travel Agency offers interactive experiences to stay relevant in our rapidly changing world, by learning methods for handling change, and to experience the mechanisms of uncertainty, prototyping, and collaboration.

To others, we offer a front-end innovation process that slowly develops into a unique, tailor-made process for their organization to repeat over time. This pre-design stage is the space where exciting opportunities can be spotted. 

To a few, a time travel experience is an imaginative and playful innovation process that introduces people to new scenarios in which to practice their Futures Literacy (FL) skill before they jump into action plans.

Our clients aren’t looking for trends and predictions, 
they want to know what they don’t know that they don’t know,
which is usually in their future.
What is in their future? What is in their clients’ future? 

We chose speculative design for its suggestion to find and question the problem space, and for stopping when reaching a question. We see the future as a spectrum because dystopia is helplessness and utopia a special advantage. We chose stories because what we imagine matters.

We chose to begin with front-end innovation because the birth of an invention is exciting and clarifying. This stage allows for creativity and possibilities in both a chaotic and orderly environment, where our travel agents are always on the lookout for breakthroughs.

Successful innovations are built on strong visions, values, and teams. We add agency and a potential trajectory to this mix, and aim to transform.

“When people are capable of deciding why and how to use the future, they become better able to detect and create the otherwise invisible – innovation and transformation. They are more at ease with novelty and experimentation. Less anxious about uncertainty. Humbler about controlling the future. More confident about being able to comprehend and appreciate the potential opened up by change.” (x)

We are currently only offering trips to the future!

  • Design your own Future to explore,
  • Return to the agency anytime to expand on your universe, which we keep alive for you.

Other time travellers said it best:

“Speculative design brings up the skill of thinking with your hands.”

“The purpose of an experience like this is to design IN the future.”

“It gave me a feeling of having a voice in the future.”

“We realized that our prototype is not that far away from now; we broke down dogmatic and traditional thinking.”

“An experience I’d define as playful-mind-eruption.”

“If you can think it, try to build it!”

We belong to this flux of initiatives concerned with more exciting and desirable futures:

To travel is to live, to time travel is to learn
The Time Travel Agency