The town of Talk Town, 2021 to 2028

— A second exploration of speculative design, feminism, and time traveling.


Talk Town is a yearly Danish festival for equality, gender and feminism.

For the 2021 edition of the festival, we found that a time traveling anomaly happened in the – fictional? – town of Talk Town. Through clues and rapid prototyping online and IRL, travelers designed what happened by imagining possible futures of the town.


The speculative artifact and outcome of this time travel is an Official Time Travel site for new explorers. 
There, people can find a map and news related to the town (eg bake sales!), some buildings and public spaces, and products related to the town that anyone can order, like the ‘Rainbow Inner Tuner’ (”George Clooney and cat-approved!”), which we use to balance ourselves while in the town of Talk Town. 

There is also The Talk Town Center for Atmospheric Studies, and an observatory where “The Talk Town Message” lives– a radio transmission going to be beamed to a cluster of stars in 2021 so people find this place.

Finally, we made important discoveries about the truths of this place, such as that in order to detect personal biases and behave ethically, objects can also narrate our actions. For this to work, every human has an object (a ‘Narrator’) that helps them switch perspective; for instance a rock that vibrates if its human is harming the grass they’re walking on. 

Narrators were prototyped on the spot using our method with the everyday items that travelers packed the days prior to their departure. 


Talk Town festival’s purpose is to create a platform for democratic debate about gender, equality and feminism. Talk Town presents a wide variety of events each year: debates, workshops, talks, films, concerts, theater and art. The festival provides scope for conversations that converge and diverge, for opinions that align and clash, but which all point in the same direction: equality.

This was an experience designed and delivered by Jocelyn Ibarra & Mida Fiore.