The Walking City: an Off-Chain DAO, 2020 to 2035

— A collaborative ecosystem for creators in Helsingborg Sweden: an Off-Chain DAO
The Walking City is a series of community building experiences for creators connected to BoostHbg – a public entity in Helsingborg, Sweden working to support the creation of new storytelling formats.

Throughout 2020-21, Boost has undergone a transformation to reach goals related to fostering an ecosystem for communal learning, and to improve the way creators communicate with them and viceversa.

The narrative of The Walking City is inspired by the avant-garde group Archigram, who worked with hypothetical neofuturistic architecture in the 1960s. The Walking City acted as a metaphor for the desired resiliency and adaptability of the collaborative ecosystem of creators that is being developed by Boost.  We traveled to 2035.

We worked for three weeks entirely online using Miro.

These are the speculative products that were created inside The Walking City universe:

  • ‘The Institute of Collaboration’– a building where teams work together to solve challenges threatening the creative community. Their hanging pods host “The Human Eggsperience”, a comforting space that creators can enter to work together. 
    The building also represents how Boost is encouraging creators to engage with one another: “Join the space, group the challenges you’re facing, work with others, take your time.”

  • ‘The Hardware Store’ and its ‘Catalog of Tools’– a 4-floor store hosting diverse tools for resiliency, inclusion, trust and connection, and decision-making. A catalog to advertise the store was also created, which people could use to order online or subscribe to receive these tools.
    The tools were a reflection on the skills that Boost creators possessed, conveying the message that the tools a community has exist within its members.

  • The speculative film “A day in the life of a collaborative system”, which showcased the steps a creator would take in order to engage with Boost. Sock puppets prototyped rapidly served as perfect characters that unified a film made by everyone being in a distributed location.
    This is a speculation of how their DAO would work on any given day, from the perspective of the Boost team and the community they serve.

Explore The Walking City in this Miro board: