The Laboratory of Optimistic Futures, 2020 to 2055

— A rapid-prototyping journey by a coworking community in Sweden


The LOOF is an interactive online Future where travelers co-create optimistic prototypes for 2055 on three topics: Sustainability, Human experience (HX), and Infrastructure.
When traveling to this Future, journeys last exactly 20 minutes, and guests reply to challenges with artifacts they build using 3 objects they have around them and nothing else.


aka Optimistic Speculations

The outcomes are sociotechnical inventions turned into posters that serve as future prompts for any future traveler.  Posters can be purchased in our vending machine by anyone.

The first LOOF was designed by The Time Travel Agency, Mindpark Helsingborg & Open Space Mindpark as an experience to keep their community spirit alive while the pandemic threatened to close the coworking space in 2020.

It was opened to the public of Helsingborg and the Skåne region (Sweden), hosting occasional visitors from other parts of the world.

A special thanks to our lovely prototypers
Lindab Innovation Hub, Rebecka Nilsson, Öresund Strategy & Design, BoostHbg, Karsten Deppert, Kristina Ahm, Lars-Christian Kræmmer, Peers Bridge, H22 and other newfound friends from near and far.