The Laboratory of Donated Dreams, 2019 to 2040

— An immersive arts program for a conference about the future of work

Reshaping Work Barcelona 2019, is an event hosting a growing network of researchers, workers, and entrepreneurs who are critically dealing with the future of work. Reshaping Work events across Europe are discussing and highlighting the platform-, gig- and caring economies, and other topics related to workers’ rights.
We curated a socially aware and speculative arts program of interactive experiences. “The Lab” was both the overarching narrative of the arts program and a physical installation of a laboratory in 2040 where guests could undergo a 20-minute futuristic process to donate their dreams for a better future (much like when we donate blood in 2019).

Curated experiences by Barcelona based artists Vicky González, David Ortiz Juan, Helena Matamala & Domestic Data Streamers were also showcased during the two-day conference.

The donated dreams were processed by the same algorithm from our blockchain project “The Algorithm of Donated Dreams”, and can be seen here:

Another speculative outcome from the lab was Petroterapia, a film that expanded on the future of the caring economy. Check it out on its own page. 


A special thanks to our local dream team:
Natalia Santolaria
Laura Milà
Clara Llongarriu

  We are eternally grateful for your passion and contributions, you made our dreams come true!

Thanks to:

Ouishare & Reshaping Work Barcelona
Reshaping Work Amsterdam
Invited artists & platform workers

The lovely and trusting dream donors

Photos by Clara Llongarriu & Natalia Santolaria