The Algorithm of Donated Dreams, 2019 to 2028

— An algorithmic experience for DAOstack

The DAOstack team is an international blockchain-based community exploring decentralized governance and operating systems for collective intelligence.

DAOstack wanted to challenge community engagement and our response was a 5-minute experience in 2028 delivered to members separately, and based in a future scenario where people donated dreams to algorithms with the purpose of adding attributes to collective societies.
Through the creation of optimistic individual and collective ideas, members prototyped realities they could start developing in their respective DAO projects.

Our project was funded completely by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government.

The dream donations were ultimately translated by an algorithm that exists thanks to The Trope Tank at MIT.

The Algorithm of Donated Dreams has been published in several media: on Taper (2020), an online literary magazine for small computational pieces connected to MIT, in Backslash Lit issue #1 (2020), an online magazine for electronic literature; and won a spot on the world’s first decentralized art exhibit “INTERFACE” in Osaka, Japan (2019).

The process on how guests donated dreams to algorithms is collected here: