— A tool for scenario design

The Writer's Game is a story-making game–tool that produces "layered stories" for the scenario phase of the speculative design process.

During time travels, TWG supports folks so they enter a metaphorical and divergent storyspace with original storylines before getting to their relevant scenarios.

A relevant scenario is a scenario that pertains to why travelers want to travel; it’s the topic that interests a client, an industry. It is a piece of knowledge, something we already know. TWG takes everyone one step back to enter storyspace from a different angle– an angle of symbols and questions.

The stories that have been created during time travels will be printed and collected with non-regular frequency in new issues of The Writer's Game. Each issue will contain a different board to explore, and a different list of words for each room.

If you want to use TWG, one issue of its digital version will cost you just a story.
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The final scenarios in our cases DUCKRABBIT and The Laboratory of Future Sound started with The Writer’s Game. 

TWG is a design by Mida Fiore for The Time Travel Agency.