— A speculative design toolkit and a game of futures of our own making, for Danish Design Center and Helsinki Design Week

Exploring how the world could be through imagination and the prototyping of possible futures help us rethink the present, ask ourselves new questions, and inspire different actions.

Speculative design is a framework that allows us to imagine how reality could be. It does not aim to predict concrete futures so that we arrive to them. Instead, it prompts us to ask ‘What if?’, and raises scenarios from which to obtain hints of our present in order to manifest tools for change and adaptation.

Palindrome is the tool we use in our consulting practice so that our partners see their own future before they exist in it in later months. 

Palindrome is a tool of agency that specializes in our unique take on storytelling for the future.

The development of Palindrome is documented in The Time Travel Transmissions– from research, to its launch at the Danish Design Center and during Helsinki Design Week.

Palindrome one way:
Scenario > Prototype > Artifact

Palindrome other way:
Artifacts > Deconstruction > Future