— An introspective time travel in Cuba

Mentoras Creativas is a social project that provides training, support, and mentorship to ambitious, self-starting women looking to kick-off or reshape their work as freelancers, entrepreneurs, or active players in the creative industries. They work closely with a group of industry leaders committed to inspiring confidence in other women to succeed in early stages of their careers.

This network of Cuban women in the creative arts prototyped a first collection of artifacts using only challenges and strengths that each woman brought with them. Once in their final container, a vending machine, other women will be able to use these artifacts or add their own by following the same instructions we did while traveling. 


While we produce the vending machine containing all the artifacts, here is a preview, by Chabeli Farro:

Do you fear that everything you have to do will overwhelm you to the point of breaking down? Do you lack a supporting mechanism providing energy to avoid overthinking? The Funnel of Confidence is what you need 😎👌🏻

This artifact gives you the confidence you need to face the change of circumstances or fortune in life and work. It helps you reproduce thoughts that give you strength to continue in moments close to burnout.

Confidence is the fuel, and we all have it inside, The Funnel of Confidence simply helps you channel it when you need it most.

How does it work? Check out the diagram below:

Here are some of the objects gathered for rapid-prototyping:

And some of ourselves during the time travel:

Cover image belongs to Chabeli Farro