Intended Collaborations, 2020 to 2048

— Exploring scenario design and the possibilities within multidisciplinary collaborations

A project in Copenhagen to explore the value of multidisciplinary collaborations and rapid prototyping, using the distributed model behind blockchain technology– a group of strangers with different skills meeting briefly to work on projects organized by “Friend Computer: a computer connecting everyone and everything in the time of Intended Collaborations, 2148”.

We partnered with Denis Rivin from #ActualNews to design the experience due to his knowledge in real and optimistic technologies and human advancements.
Guests were introduced to ‘multidisciplinary scenario design’: the use of empathy, storytelling, and analysis to discover the challenges that could exist within a futuristic reality. Then, they prototyped solutions to those challenges.

This is a pilot in a series of speculative sprints to be offered in Copenhagen in 2020-21. Next episodes include Future Food and the Solarpunk genre.

The speculative objects that answer challenges in the time of Friend Computer were:

  • COCO – The Consciousness Cocoon
— Scenario: “In the time of Intended Collaborations, consciousness is a force”
Challenge: “How might we train our consciousness to work with this force?”

  • The Empavision
    — Scenario: “What if we are all programmed into the computer?”
    Challenge: “How might we connect our virtual and physical selves to share our experiences and feelings with others?”

  • The Neutralizer 
— Scenario: “The distribution, accessibility, and wicked fickleness of knowledge matter” 
— Challenge: “How might we qualify and democritize knowledge?”

“Speculative design brings up the skill of thinking with your hands.”

“The purpose of an experience like today’s is to design IN the future.”

“I was successful at using my fantasy in a concrete setting.”

“We created a concept that - in all its mundane simplicity - actually made sense :)“

“It gave me a feeling of having a voice in the future.”

“The purpose was to realise that our prototype is not that far away from now + Breaking down dogmatic and traditional thinking.”

“This process was about turning intuitive insights into prototypes.”

“I would define the experience today as Playful-mind-eruption + ‘If you can think it, try to build it!’”