We empower people to build optimistic futures.

The Time Travel Agency operates under the cover of a a speculative design studio in the Nordics, USA, Canada, and online.

We create products, experimental methods, and participatory experiences that help people reach the future or the unknown. Once our partners see their own future(s), we accompany them in a process to exist there.

Our specialization is in combining immersion, world-imagining, deep games, prototyping, and the collaborative Web3.
We work with cultural organizations, governments, other designers, and schools, and together we design artifacts that re-enchant the present, run prototyping environments, or build immersive spaces where to face future challenges and solutions together.

Our current use of Web3 environments is for education, collaborative production, applied research, artistic–cultural projects, land stewardship, and innovation consulting.

People travel with us because feeling agency is a beautiful, decisive, irreversible world.