Ecofeminist Field Trips, 2020 to 2055

— Exploring continuums during Talk Town Festival


Ecofeminism is a branch of feminism that examines the connections between people and nature. Two time travel field trips were organized to go from 2020’s Talk Town Festival in Copenhagen to 2055 to honor the work of ecofeminist artists who explored the intersection between environmentalism, feminism, and the earth.

For the scenarios, we proposed that guests imagined story continuums (”What else from this piece can be speculated on?”) to two influential ecofeminist art pieces.

You can enter this Future if you want to develop even more aspects of the art pieces, or if you want to explore another ecofeminist piece.

The Earth Ambulance by Helène Aylon

— First exploration from this piece: “How does the ambulance and the Earth communicate?”

— How? First, imagine communication challenges and then build devices inside the ambulance that solve them.
The Blued Trees Symphony by Aviva Rahmani

— First exploration from this piece: “What other natural beings or phenomena should be protected?”

— How? Collect sounds that represent what needs to be protected and then pour them into symphonies using simple digital apps.


aka Optimistic Speculations

Earth Ambulance artifacts:

  • The Earth Fungus Toolkit
  • The Athomshake
  • The Timebulance
  • The Moleshaker
  • The Bio-internet

Blued Trees Symphony artifacts:

  • “A symphony of steps”, which protects walks in nature. Each note consists of a step which will always be different to every other step, thus making this symphony endless (and walks in nature forever protected).

  • “Mammalomania”, which protects the sounds that a human fetus hears during pregnancy, and which helps them feel connected to the world. A short sound file needs to be reproduced 1;200,000 times to reproduce the 9 months of a pregnancy. Listen here.

  • “Naturlige Cyklus”, a symphony to protect the changes of the seasons through understanding the tipping points of cycles. The symphony becomes more chaotic as it plays to help us be comfortable with change. Listen here.