— A decentralized autonomous organization with Future Fields

The Crypto Commons $CAMP ecosystem is a mission-driven decentralized organization focused on reclaiming land for stewardship and regenerative culture.  

Together with Future Scouts, we are starting with the purchase and development of a flagship property - a large nature-based campus on the United States’ West Coast within striking distance of a major city. We envision our flagship Crypto Commons $CAMPus acting as a cornerstone within a wider network of nature-based and micro-campuses for self-directed learning, regenerative community and economic empowerment.

We see this buying a former Boy Scouts Ranch to turn into a Crypto Commons $CAMPus as the first step towards our vision of a network of nature-based $CAMPuses for grassroots land stewardship, regenerative culture and economic empowerment.

Local Boy Scouts Councils are selling nature-based campuses all around the United States that soon may be inaccessible to the general public. Join us in helping to maintain nature-based access and learning for all ages, for generations to come!

$CAMP is initiated and stewarded by the @futurescouts and @commonsengine.

All information, including whitepaper at

Stay informed via twitter, and check out our progress (or buy in) at juicebox.